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5th EAQUA Workshop "Decades of Quaternary Research in Eastern Africa : Implications for Sustainable Future"

[Congrès, colloques, réunions]

4-7 juillet 2016
Mukono (Ouganda)

 Regional Climate Dynamics for Eastern Africa
 Quaternary Human- Environment interactions in Eastern Africa
 Past Changes in Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems in Eastern Africa
 Natural and Cultural Heritage in Eastern Africa
 Anthropology, Archaeology and Paleontology in Eastern Africa
 Archaeobotany and Palynology in Eastern Africa
 Paleo-Science in other regions of Africa
 Techniques and Methodological Development in Quaternary Research

For further inquiries contact :
Assoc. Prof. Julius Bunny Lejju (+256-l 782809814) ;
Dr. Morgan Andama (+256-774068462)

Abstract Submission Deadline : 31st January, 2016