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Houses and households in Prehistory

[Congrès, colloques, réunions]

samedi 1er mars 2014
London : Society of Antiquaries

A one-day conference of the Prehistoric Society that continues our series of spring conferences which explores the different scales of analysis used by archaeologists. This event will look at the identification and categorisation of the house and household in prehistory from the Neolithic through to the Iron Age.

 Creating difference. Households of the early and later Neolithic in southern central Europe. (Dani Hoffmann)
 Early Neolithic houses at Horton, Berkshire (Alistair Barclay)
 Grooved Ware houses at Durrington Walls (Mike Parker Pearson)
 Houses for the living, houses for the dead : tracing the rise of house societies in Neolithic Orkney (Colin Richards)
 Living in a circular world (Richard Bradley)
 Over the hills and far away (Stratford Halliday)
 Monumentalising the domestic (Niall Sharples)
 House and household in the European Iron Age (Leo Webley)

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