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MORPH2015 : A Conference on the Archaeological Applications of Morphometrics

[Congrès, colloques, réunions]

28 mai 2015

The application of morphometric (both “traditional” and “geometric”) analyses, i.e. frameworks centred on the characterisation and analysis of shape and form, have revolutionised many disciplines including palaeontology, systematics, neurology and the natural sciences. Archaeology has been much slower to adopt and develop modern morphometric methods of analysis, whether for a lack of statistical training, the necessity of digital equipment or suspicions in the “true” meaning of quantitative and statistical data. Whilst, traditional morphometrics have long played a role in archaeological analysis through linear measurements (e.g length, width, thickness and ratios), in recent years techniques based on geometric models (e.g. EFA and FFT) have been introduced to assess changes in production techniques, standardisation and many other topics within archaeology.

This conference is designed to bring together students (undergraduates and postgraduates) and academics interested in the application of both traditional and geometric morphometrics within archaeology (lithic, skeletal, ceramic etc.). Through oral presentations, poster sessions, and a roundtable discussion on current research, results and problems within the field of archaeological morphometrics will be discussed. A forum and network will be created for people interested in applying these methods within their own research, regardless of experience or academic level.

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