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Expanding Boundaries : Science and Theory in Prehistoric Studies

[Congrès, colloques, réunions]

25 octobre 2014

Institute of Archaeology - UCL

Open discussion between Prehistoric Egyptian/Nubian Studies and World Archaeology

Prehistoric and protohistoric disciplines all over the world contribute to create cutting-edge theoretical and scientific approaches to the study of archaeological evidence. The richness and diversity of Egyptian, Nubian and Sudanese pre- and protohistoric landscapes have indeed stimulated similar debate in these fields, but on what themes and to what extent ? How has the Egypto-Nubian contribution to on-going theoretical and scientific debates been welcomed by other prehistoric disciplines ?

In order to answer these questions the participation of both prehistorians of Egypt/Nubia/Sudan and researchers from different backgrounds (e.g. archaeological sciences, Mediterranean, World and Comparative Archaeologies, Anthropology) who share an interest in prehistory and wish to provide theoretical and/or scientific-laden perspectives on research themes common to their disciplines and Egypto/Nubian archaeology is greatly encouraged.

In particular, alongside papers addressing the state of the discipline, the conference organisers would like to invite speakers to focus on how the on-going dialogue between science and theory can inform research on cultural interaction and exchange ; violence, inequality and social marginality ; the rise of social complexity ; landscape and body theory in pre- and protohistoric archaeology.

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