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VIth International Conference on Mammoths and their Relatives

[Congrès, colloques, réunions]

5-12 mai 2014
Grevena & Siatista (Grèce)

The aims of the VI International Conference on Mammoths and their Relatives are to promote recent advances in the field of proboscideans.

We welcome contributions on a variety of subjects, such as :
 the phylogeny and biogeography of this group of animals
 molecular studies, stable isotopes, a-DNA
 original research about new fossil specimens
 the biology and ethology of extinct and extant species
 proboscidean bone lesions, pathologies/paleopathologies, and injuries
 evolution and extinction
 insularity in proboscideans
 early human and proboscidean interaction
 the present state of endangered species (African and Asian elephants) and the illicit trade in ivory
 regional reviews
 faunal associations
 we particularly welcome any contribution dealing with pre-Quaternary proboscideans

Oral and poster presentations will be accepted.
The official language of the conference is English.

En savoir plus

 For further information, the email address of the Organizing Committee is :
 Optionally, send enquiries to : [Evangelia Tsoukala]

Deadline for Early Registration and Abstract Submission : January 15th 2014