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17th Symposium on Mediterranean Archaeology - SOMA 2013

[Congrès, colloques, réunions]

25-27 avril 2013

Management of Cultural Heritage in the Coastal Zone

Since prehistoric times the Mediterranean has been acting as a locale for interaction between groups inhabiting regions that are now studied mainly within the different sub-fields of ancient studies. In recent years, however, the development of research techniques and analytical models of archaeological evidence have identified similar historical paths that are similar if not, in some cases, common to these different areas of the ancient world from the West (Iberian peninsula) to the East (Anatolia and Levant) from the North (Europe, Black Sea Coast) to the South (Maghreb and Egypt). The 17th SOMA meeting welcomes presentations related to the above-mentioned topics and also arguments like sea, trade, colonization and piracy using archaeological data collected within contexts located within the Mediterranean basin and the Ancient Near Eastern area, chronologically ranging from Prehistoric to Medieval periods.

The theme for this year’s symposium is “Management of Cultural Heritage in the Coastal Zone.” The Coastal Zone is an area rich archaeology, but unfortunately highly vulnerable to industrialization, some tourism activities, and also several other reasons of the coast. It is for this reason that the Coastal Zone is now a focus of UNESCO efforts to protect and preserve this delicate Cultural Heritage.

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