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Interdisciplinary meeting on climate change and seismic hazards during the Holocene in the Mediterranean

[Congrès, colloques, réunions]

7-8 juillet 2014
Aix-en-Provence : CEREGE

Over the last years, studies conducted in the field of marine and continental geosciences in the Mediterranean area, at times scales spanning years to thousand of years have allowed improving the temporal resolution of both paleoenvironmental and paleosismological reconstructions and the developments of new proxies. This workshop aims at promoting and establishing the state of the art on the hydrological cycle reconstructions and on the seismic cycle history of active faults in the Mediterranean.

We are convinced that such an interdisciplinary meeting will reveal common paths in the field of climate change and seismic hazards. Moreover both research fields tackle the issue of natural hazards in the Mediterranean by focusing on the one hand on water resource vulnerability as a result of global change, and on the other hand on the vulnerability of societies related to seismic risk.

Lucilla Benedetti

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