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Vertebrate Taphonomy : Applications and Implications

[Congrès, colloques, réunions]

Mise à jour le 5 décembre 2013


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28 septembre-3 octobre 2014
Mendoza (Argentine)

On behalf of the 4th edition of the International Palaeontological Congress "The history of life : A view from the Southern Hemisphere"

The applications and implications of taphonomy are certainly a wide subject. The participants are welcome to discuss at the symposium on different implications and applications of Taphonomy in other disciplines and investigations (e.g. Forensic studies, past ecosystems and palaeoclimatic interpretations, archaeology). If you are interested in participating in the Vertebrate Taphonomy : Applications and Implications symposium, please let us know sending to us a brief abstract (around 100 words, with title and authors) of your intended presentation to better organize the symposium.

The Taphonomy symposium welcomes paper presentations from any interested participant willing to give oral presentation during the meeting. Oral presentation will be timed for 15 minutes talk and 5 minutes questions. Posters are welcome and instructions will soon be provided by the 4th IPC organization committee.

 Yolanda Fernandez Jalvo :
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