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Human Evolution Past, Present & Future – Anthropological, Medical & Nutritional Considerations

[Congrès, colloques, réunions]

9-10 mai 2013

A two-day symposium to explore new research and evidence which suggests that at some stage during the last few million years, our human ancestors were exposed to a period of semiaquatic evolution which led to the acquisition of unique and primordial human characteristics

 Origins of The Naked Ape
— Africa or Asia – The Cradle of Mankind ?
— A Theatre of Change – Running or Swimming ?
— Littoral Scenarios for Evolution and Dispersal of Homo
— Worldwide Diaspora
 The Scars of Evolution
— Fossil Skulls and Physiological Implications
— Aquatic Adaptations
— Global, Nutritional and Health Implications (part 1)
— Global, Nutritional and Health Implications (part 2)

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