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Septième congrès archéologique mondial = Seventh World Archaeological Congress (WAC-7)

[Congrès, colloques, réunions]

du 14 au 18 janvier 2013
Jordanie (Mer Morte)

Theme titles are organized to complete the phrase : "Archaeology as..."
 Public : Education, Communication and Various Understandings of the Past
 Science and Technology : Methods, Analysis, and Tools
 Discussion and Debate : Ethics, Politics, and Engagement
 Understanding and Interpretation
 Heritage Conservation and Protection
 The Future : New Perspectives on the Past
 Business : Profitability and Sustainability of Cultural Heritage
 Economic Development : Community Engagement and Grassroots Movements
 Open Access : Freedom of Information, Peer Review
 Identity Politics : Ethnicity, Nationalism, Globalization
 A Target : Preservation and Heritage Identities in Times of Conflict
 Useful : Reintroduction of Ancient Techniques and Recovered Knowledge
 Sustenance : Foodways, Subsistence
 Discovery : Field Reports
 Answering the Big Questions

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The deadline for proposals for sessions is September 30th, 2012, while that for the proposal of individual contributions is October 31st, 2012.