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People, place and time in Neolithic and Chalcolithic Europe

[Congrès, colloques, réunions]

30 & 31 mai 2014
Cardiff University : Julian Hodge Lecture Theatre

The Prehistoric Society Europa Conference 2014 in honour of Professor Alasdair Whittle

- Introducing people, place and time in Neolithic Britain and Ireland
- Squeezing the pips, milking it for all it’s worth : results of scientific analysis
- Change, monumentality, and looking outwards
- EUROPA lecture , presented by Professor AJasdair Whittle, Cardiff University : People, place and time in Neo lithic and Chalcolithic Europe

Dr Tessa Machling
Prehistoric Society - c/o Institute of Archaeology
31-34 Gordon Square
London WC1H OPY

Date limite d’inscription : 10 mai 2014

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