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Reproduction has a history : approaches to the origin of the regulation of reproduction

[Congrès, colloques, réunions]

10-12 décembre 2014

The seminar is designed as a discussion-seminar about the social management of reproduction in prehistoric societies. We will focus in particular on the question of how to deal archaeologically with this question, which we consider essential in order to understand development and change in societies since the Upper Palaeolithic. Our aim is to combine the discussion about :
- analysis of the basic biological assumptions on human reproduction,
- analysis of ethnographic data that can provide a working hypothesis for the development of archaeological methods,
- the existing interpretations of the archaeological records as well as of
- demographic models or multi-agent systems as experimental tools to simulate the effects of the factors involved in the explanatory hypothesis.

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Organizing committee
- Dra. Assumpció Vila Mitjà
- Dra. Francesca Lugli
- Dra. Trinidad Escoriza Mateu
- Dra. Manuela Pérez
- Dr. Jordi Estévez
- Dr. Juan F. Gibaja
IN-HOPPE (International Network“Historical and Osteoarchaeological Past Populations Exploration”).