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Between science and culture : from interdisciplinarity to the transversality of archaeology

[Congrès, colloques, réunions]

21-24 octobre 2015

JIA 2015 : VIII Young Researchers in Archaeology Conference

The call for traditional sessions and round tables ended at 31st March. During this past month the Scientific and Organizing Committee (CHAM and IEM) and the Scientific Committee selected the delivered proposals, and came up with a final list of : 13 sessions and 4 roundtables.

Traditional sessions
 The contribution of studies of acquisition and the use of raw materials in archaeological contexts.
 The contribution of zooarchaeology and its multidisciplinarity to the reconstruction of past societies.
 Urban Archaeology : From preventive intervention to public disclosure with /without traditional research.
 Non-Stop Revolution ! New technologies applied to Archaeology.
 The first producers of the Iberian Peninsula : methods, techniques and interpretations regarding the Neolithisation process.
 Microarchaeology : tracking the hidden archaeological record through multidisciplinary analysis.
 Underwater Archaeology. Interdisciplinary approaches.
 Territories of Change : territorial appropriation, occupation and exploitation in transition contexts.
 Learning through and not about Archaeology. archaeological education as a way for a global and transversal learning.
 The artefactual components of the First Agro-Pastoral Societies : methodological perspectives and transdisciplinary approaches to the analysis of pottery productions.
 After the romans and before the castles : problems and advantages of early medieval archaeological heritage.
 The material culture in the construction of the early-modern daily life.
 Archaeology of the Future. New Ways in Researching and Presenting the Past.

Roundtable sessions
 Can one know in archaeology ? Problematics of the construction of the Past.
 What do we talk about when we talk about landscape ?
 Drawing concepts. Shelling and defining archaeology and education.
 CGI storytelling in archaeological and cultural heritage public interpretation : scientific facts or Hollywood movies ?

In this second call we invite all the non-doctorate students and researchers to send their abstracts of communications, posters, illustrations and video or audio works that match the various themes addressed in the next VIIIth edition of JIA. The deadline to send the abstracts is July 10th 2015.
At the same time, we open the inscriptions to all the people who want to attend this event.

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