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6th ICAZ – Archaeozoology, Genetics and Morphometrics Working Group Meeting

[Congrès, colloques, réunions]

26-28 mars 2014

Archaeogenetics is a growing interdisciplinary scientific area that has, in the last decade, undergone considerable improvement. Results now provide new perspectives concerning the domestication and subsequent evolution of animals. A combination of genetics and more traditional zooarchaeological studies are now bearing fruit.

This meeting aims to promote discussions between archaeologists, zooarchaeologists and geneticists.

Contributions to the conference will be organized in thematic sessions. We plan to stimulate a broad exchange of information among workers from various fields related to both archaeology and genetics. Topics to be discussed include :
 Domestication and evolutionary trajectories of livestock ;
 Genetic diversity and population structure of wild and domestic animals ;
 Recognition of phenotypic trait variation in the past ;
 Animal improvement and the exploitation of their so-called secondary products ;
 Palaeogenomics and bioinformatics in zooarchaeology.

A balanced representation of taxa (e.g. cattle, horse, dog, and cat) as well as geographic regions is foreseen. Although the meeting is mainly related to archaeozoology, presentations from botanists and anthropologists are welcome.

Important dates
 Deadline for early registration : December 31, 2013
 Final registration : January 30, 2014
 Deadline for abstracts : January 30, 2014
We strongly encourage those interested in participating in this meeting to register as early as possible since seating in the conference room is limited.

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