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Changes in Behavioral and Technological Adaptation around the LGM in Eurasia (2nd LGM workshop in Tokyo)

[Congrès, colloques, réunions]

29 novembre 2013
Tokyo Metropolitan University

The workshop will focus mainly on reviewing behavioral evidence of Upper Paleolithic sites around the LGM in Europe, the Transbaikal, Northern China, and Hokkaido


 Olaf Jöris , Tim Matthies and Alexander Verpoorte
Towards the Cold - Behavioral Adaptations at the Northern Boundary of the Early Upper Palaeolithic Oikumene.

 Nicolas Teyssandier
Cycles of change across the French Early and Mid Upper Palaeolithic.

 Alexander V. Konstantinov
Lagernaya : Newly Discovered MUP site in Ust’-Menza Archaeological complex.

 Victor K. Kolosov
Geological and Archaeological Context of Priiskovoe in Southwestern Transbaikal (Russia)

 Ian Buvit and Karisa Terry
A Tale of Two Blades : LGM Lithic Variability in Southwestern Transbaikal, Siberia

 Wang Chunxue
Recent Progress in Paleolithic Research in Northeastern China and Middle to Upper Paleolithic Transition in Jinshitai Cave.

 Kazuhiro Hayashi, Yuichi Nakazawa, and Masami Izuho
On the spatial patterns of artifact scatters at the LGM site of Kashiwadai 1, Hokkaido.

 Fumito Akai and Yuichi Nakazawa :
Production of the LGM microblades : an examination of the refitted microblade/blade cores from the Kashiwadai 1, Hokkaido

 Akira Iwase and Yuichi Nakazawa
A functional analysis of chipped stone tools from the LGM microblade assemblages in Hokkaido, northern Japan.

 Karisa Terry, Masami Izuho, and Noriyoshi Oda
Changes in Hunter-Gatherer mobility Strategy around LGM in Southern Paleo-SHK Peninsula : Integration of Obsidian Sourcing and Lithic Macroscopic Approaches.

 Masami Izuho (Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan)
 Yuichi Nakazawa (Hokkaido University, Japan)
 Ian Buvit (Central Washington University, USA)
 Karisa Terry (Central Washington University, USA)
 Hiroyuki Sato (The University of Tokyo)

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