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Changes in Behavioral and Technological Adaptation around the LGM in Eurasia (2nd LGM workshop in Tokyo)

[Congrès, colloques, réunions]

29 novembre 2013
Tokyo Metropolitan University

The workshop will focus mainly on reviewing behavioral evidence of Upper Paleolithic sites around the LGM in Europe, the Transbaikal, Northern China, and Hokkaido


- Olaf Jöris , Tim Matthies and Alexander Verpoorte
Towards the Cold - Behavioral Adaptations at the Northern Boundary of the Early Upper Palaeolithic Oikumene.

- Nicolas Teyssandier
Cycles of change across the French Early and Mid Upper Palaeolithic.

- Alexander V. Konstantinov
Lagernaya : Newly Discovered MUP site in Ust’-Menza Archaeological complex.

- Victor K. Kolosov
Geological and Archaeological Context of Priiskovoe in Southwestern Transbaikal (Russia)

- Ian Buvit and Karisa Terry
A Tale of Two Blades : LGM Lithic Variability in Southwestern Transbaikal, Siberia

- Wang Chunxue
Recent Progress in Paleolithic Research in Northeastern China and Middle to Upper Paleolithic Transition in Jinshitai Cave.

- Kazuhiro Hayashi, Yuichi Nakazawa, and Masami Izuho
On the spatial patterns of artifact scatters at the LGM site of Kashiwadai 1, Hokkaido.

- Fumito Akai and Yuichi Nakazawa :
Production of the LGM microblades : an examination of the refitted microblade/blade cores from the Kashiwadai 1, Hokkaido

- Akira Iwase and Yuichi Nakazawa
A functional analysis of chipped stone tools from the LGM microblade assemblages in Hokkaido, northern Japan.

- Karisa Terry, Masami Izuho, and Noriyoshi Oda
Changes in Hunter-Gatherer mobility Strategy around LGM in Southern Paleo-SHK Peninsula : Integration of Obsidian Sourcing and Lithic Macroscopic Approaches.

- Masami Izuho (Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan)
- Yuichi Nakazawa (Hokkaido University, Japan)
- Ian Buvit (Central Washington University, USA)
- Karisa Terry (Central Washington University, USA)
- Hiroyuki Sato (The University of Tokyo)

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