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Cleaning up a messy Mousterian : how to describe and interpret Late Middle Palaeolithic chrono-cultural variability in Atlantic Europe

[Congrès, colloques, réunions]

1er-7 septembre 2014

Colloque organisé dans le cadre du 17ème Congrès UISPP

Atlantic Europe is an ideal area for the study of Mousterian cultures. Years of previous research, an abundance of information, and numerous absolute dates today provide sufficient resolution for addressing the socio-economic variability of Neanderthal groups across this vast territory (Iberian Peninsula, France, Belgium, Holland, and Great Britain). [...]
This session will focus on general chronological, regional, and palaeoenvironmental syntheses concerning the characterisation of lithic techno-complexes based on pertinent techno-economic information.

Jean-Philippe Faivre, Marine Frouin, Alain Turq & Emmanuel Discamps

Date limite pour la soumission des résumés : 30 avril 2014

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