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Unravelling Human Origins Conference

[Congrès, colloques, réunions]

18-19 janvier 2013

The conference will be organised around three broad thematic sessions :
  adaptation to old and new landscapes  :
includes studies of hominin dispersals, adaptations to new landscapes, population changes through time, themes that would permit a multidisciplinary discussion of humans in their landscape(s). Presentations from the following fields are particularly welcome : ancient DNA and population genetics, isotope studies, lithic and faunal analyses, climatic and environmental studies, human remains, as well as cognitive approaches to changing landscape(s).
  creativity, communication and personhood  :
focus on inter- and intra-group social interactions, origins of language as metaphor, non-verbal communication as a form of early notification, the role of arts and crafts as technology and aesthetic experience, creation of meaning as a socially recognisable signification of individuals.
  food in the Palaeolithic  :
designated to include a wide range of topics, from reconstructions of the diet of early hominins to the social context and meaning of food and consumption techniques in the Late Pleistocene. Applications of new analytical approaches to food remains and subsistence strategies are also welcome.

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