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1st International Conference on Metrology for Archaeology

[Congrès, colloques, réunions]

22 & 23 octobre 2015
Benevento (Italie)

The growing interest of archaeological sciences towards new technologies and analytical techniques, has recently improved the use of numerical approach to get more detailed archaeological purpose.
For example, advances in computer sciences, data acquisition and modeling, new spectrometric and analytics techniques and remote sensing have favoured the scientific interaction between those disciplines based on numerical determinations and archaeological interpretations. The advantages of the multidisciplinary approach have permitted to reduce the level of uncertainty in archaeological studies.
In particular, the Conference will involve researchers and operators interested in the valorisation, characterisation and preservation of archaeological heritage with the main objective of focusing the discussion on the production, interpretation and reliability of the measured data. Moreover the meeting is designed to give to the archaeologists community a complete framework of knowledge of the “measurement” of archaeological heritage, generally faced up in different conferences with restricted areas of interest.

Man topics
 Computer Science and Geomatics applied to archaeology
 Production and Food in the ancient Mediterranean

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