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AEMA - Atlantic Europe in the Metal Ages : questions of shared language = Ewrop yr Iwerydd yn Oesoedd y Metalau cwestiynau am iaith gyffredin

[Congrès, colloques, réunions]

12 avril 2014

 John T. Koch : The classification of the language of the South-Western ‘Tartessian’) stelae : what’s at stake for archaeologists in the debate ?
 Dirk Brandherm : Stelae, group identities and the moyenne durée in the Bronze and Iron Ages of SW Iberia
 Marta Díaz-Guardamino Uribe : Contexts, biographies and itineraries : recent research on Iberian Late Bronze Age stelae
 Steve Hewitt : The Hamito-Semitic/Insular Celtic substratum hypothesis and Celtic from the West1trafodaeth/discussion
 Laure Salanova : Western Europe in transition 3rd–2ndmillennia cal BC). From material culture to human identities
 Stuart Needham : Patterns of infusion of Beaker culture into Ireland and Britain and their implications
 Catriona Gibson : Closed for business or cultural change ? Tracing the re-use and final blocking of megalithic tombs during the Beaker period throughout Atlantic Europe
 William O’Brien : New work and data on hillfort chronology in Ireland
 Niall Sharples : Ham Hill and large early hillforts in the west of Britain
 Raimund Karl : Emerging settlement monumentality in North Wales during the Late Bronze and Iron Age : the case of Meillionydd
 Adam Gwilt & Mark Lodwick : Portable Antiquities and Treasure in Wales : recording, investigations and research of some recent Bronze and Iron Age discoveries
 Martin Richards : New developments in archaeogenetics
 Kerri Cleary : No bones about it : An Atlantic European context for some emerging patterns in Irish Bronze Age burials
 Peter Bray : Metal, metallurgy and identity : A new overview of the chemical composition of Bronze Age Swords


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