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1st Young Natural History scientists’ Meeting

[Congrès, colloques, réunions]

12-14 février 2014
Paris - Museum national d’Histoire naturelle

We invite contributions (either oral or poster communications) on all aspects of natural history :
  Biodiversity Dynamics and Conservation  : any subjects linked to ecology and conservation of the Earth’s biological diversity, including studies of Earth’s ecosystems, molecular diversity, the distribution, abundance and dynamics of micro- to macroscopic organisms -, their interactions with both other life-forms and/or physical environment, and conservation biology.
  Earth and Planetary Sciences  : any topics related to atmospheric science, biogeochemistry, cosmochemistry and cosmology, climate science, geochemistry, geology, geomorphology, glaciology, hydrology and limnology, mineralogy, oceanography, paleoecology, biostratigraphy, paleobiogeography, palaeoenvironmental reconstructions, taphonomy, petrology, tectonics, volcanology.
  Mankind, Prehistory, Nature and Societies  : any work on biological anthropology, genetics, prehistory, social and cultural anthropology, ethnology, ethno-biology, ethno-musicology, geography, and the history and philosophy of sciences and techniques.
  Systematics, Evolution and Comparative Anatomy  : any aspects of comparative anatomy and morphology, evo-devo, evolutionary ecology and behavior, experimental evolution, palaeobiology, taxonomy, phylogenetics and phylogeography, theories and models.

A keynote speaker will open each of these multidisciplinary themes with a lecture on a relevant topic.

Registration and abstract submission
We propose free registration fees, including full package and tea/coffee breaks.
Deadline for abstract submission and registration is January 19th 2014 (23:59 GMT+1).