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Artifacts made out of bone and related materials : manufacture, typology and use

[Congrès, colloques, réunions - Appel à contributions]

9-13 juin 2014
Bâle (Suisse)

Artifacts made out of materials of faunal origin (bone, ivory, horn, antler, mollusc shell, etc.) are commonly encountered in excavations in the Ancient Near East. While some groups of artifacts, such as ivory carvings or engraved Tridacna shells have received considerable attention, mainly because of their artistic significance, more mundane, yet more abundant objects such as tools and simple jewelry have often been neglected.

To address this imbalanced situation, we would like to organize a workshop focusing on artifacts made of bone and related materials from the Ancient Near East from the Neolithic to the end of the Iron Age. Contribution by archaeologists representing all areas of archaeology (e.g., experimental archaeology, zooarchaeology, archaeomalacology, social archaeology, material culture etc.) are most welcome.

Some possible topics
- Identification of raw materials and manufacturing methods (including possible workshop remains)
- Retrieval practices on the excavation (how, when and by whom are artifacts identified ? Especially ad-hoc tools with limited alterations may only be identified through a detailed faunal study)
- Exchange in raw materials or finished items (ivory, shells)
- Typology and chronology of specific artifact categories
- Functional aspects (including use-wear studies)
- Contextual discussion

- Canan Çakırlar (University of Groningen) :
- Hermann Genz (American University of Beirut) :

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