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[16ème Congrès UISPP - Appel à contributions]

4-10 septembre 2011
Florianopolis (Brésil)

Co-organizers : Valentine Roux and Gustavo Politis

Ethnoarchaeology has transformed in a key research strategy to improve the interpretation of the archaeological record. In the last two decades many ethnoarchaeological projects proliferate around the world. Among others, one of the challenges undertaken by contemporary ethnoarchaeology is to highlight and explain the relationships between material culture (in a wide sense) and human behaviour in order thereafter to provide solid reference data for interpreting archaeological data. The methodological issue raised by the transfer of the ethnoarchaeological data onto the archaeological data will be one of the main focus of this symposium.

Major sub-themes are :
 Process of change in material culture and/or socio-economic systems in any place of the world, focusing on the mechanisms explaining these processes.
 Social boundaries, technology and style and transmission mechanism.
 Subsistence strategies and the generation of anthropic landscapes
 Childhood, apprenticeship and social identity

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