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International Paleolimnology Symposium IPS2012

[Congrès, colloques, réunions]

21-24 août 2012

- Isotopes and biogenic silica : understanding lake sediment archives
- Applied palaeolimnology
- Lurking beneath the surface : decadal to millennial scale records of environmental pollution
- Environmental change in the high latitudes
- Advances in development of lake chronologies
- Regional integration of recent lake sediments for management of landscapes, ecosystems and ecosystem services (PAGES Focus 4)
- Tibetan Plateau : disentangling the Asian monsoon system
-  Environmental records of climate change and human impacts in mountain regions
- Thirty years of quantitative palaeoenvironmental reconstructions : lessons from the past and future challenges
- Understanding low-latitude climate change : recent developments from palaeolimnology
- Recent biomarker advances and applications in paleolimnology
- Land, sea and society : palaeoenvironmental perspectives on coastal, brackish and saline systems
- Past climates of the Southern Hemisphere
- Palaeoecological reflections of biodiversity : challenges and new advances
- Carbon and geochemical cycling in lakes
- What have we learned from drilling large lakes ?

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