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Microscopic determination of hafting technology : use-wear and residues

[Congrès, colloques, réunions]

1er-7 septembre 2014

Colloque organisé dans le cadre du 17ème Congrès UISPP

Thirty years ago Danielle Stordeur organised a workshop on hafted tools in Lyon (France) : “La main et l’outil : Manches et Emmanchements Préhistoriques”. The communications from that workshop were published three years later in the series Travaux de la Maison de l’Orient. On the occasion of the forthcoming UISPP Congress, to be held next September in Burgos (Spain), we propose a new session on prehistoric hafted tools. Propositions should address new insight unavailable at the time of the previous conference. We encourage communications on the following topics :
 Presentation of hafted tools, usually only possible when the haft itself has been preserved in very specific sedimentary contexts or because the handle has been produced in less perishable materials such as bone and antler.
 Use-wear studies describing microwear produced by the haft or related to the use
of a hafted tool
 Analysis of glues used to fix the tool to the haft
Residue studies on stone tools that provide insight into hafting
We envisage expanding our knowledge of hafted prehistoric tools and their complexity and, finally, of the human communities that produced and used them.

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 Robert Sala
 Juan F. Gibaja
 Veerle Rots
 Xavier Terradas
 Belén Márquez
 Juan José Ibáñez

Date limite pour la soumission des résumés : 30 avril 2014