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Introduction to Functional Morphology and Biomechanics - 4th edition

[Cours, enseignements, formation]

du 11 au 15 janvier 2016

This workshop aims to give the participants the ability to use the interdisciplinary approach of biomechanics, especially (but not only) through examples in palaeontology. Simple models based on the basic principles of classical physics will be used to infer the life history of extinct vertebrates.

Graduate or postgraduate degree in any Sciences discipline, basic knowledge of statistics and personal computers. All participants must bring their own personal laptop (Windows, Macintosh, Linux).

1. Statics : Vector notation, force, moment, work, energy, Newton laws, levers, free body diagram and equilibrium. Exercises.
2. Beam Theory : Equilibrium in the cross-section of a beam, laws and diagrams. Exercises.
4. Basic principles.
5. Mastication in vertebrates.
6. Scale and allometry.
7. Entheseal changes.
8. Cross-sectional properties.

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