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Archaeology of lake settlements IV-II mill. BC : Chronology of cultures, environment and palaeoclimatic rhythms

[Congrès, colloques, réunions]

Saint Petersbourg (Russie)
du 13 au 15 novembre 2014

The main themes of the conference
 natural environment-climatic rythms and cultural-historical processes in IV-II mil BC
 archaeological periodization and chronology of lake settlements basing on absolute and relative dating methods ; local and regional chronological time scales
 radicarbon dating of archaeological artefacts and objects, comparison of different radiocarbon dates, criterions of their estimation and reliability. Reservoir effect in radiocarbon dates of lake settlements materials
 natural resources and their using

The articles should be sent before 26 may 2014.

Andrey Mazurkevich
Zaitseva Ganna
Marianna Kulkova

Affiche et présentation