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Osseous material exploitation during Epipalaeolithic and Mesolithic

[Congrès, colloques, réunions]

20-26 October 2013
Kurchatov (Russie)

GDRE Prehistos – Thematic Workshop

(Themes 1 and 2 are in direct relation with the general themes of the GDRE and must be treated as a priority issue)
 Theme 1 : the debitage by extraction during the end of the Epipalaeolithic and the Mesolithic
 Theme 2 : The use of bevels in hafting systems
 Theme 3 : Arrowheads made from bone and other materials in the Epipalaeolithic and Mesolithic of Europe

Scientific coordinators
 Mihail Zhilin (
 Natalia Akhmetgaleeva (
 Benjamin Marquebielle (
 Nicolas Valdeyron (
Administrative coordinator
 Aline Averbouh (

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