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9th ICAZ Worked Bone Research Group Meeting

[Congrès, colloques, réunions]

du 14 au 20 avril 2013
Zhengzhou (Henan - Chine)

The 9th meeting of WBRG will be organised by Xiaolin Ma and hosted by the Henan Administration of Cultural Heritage and the Henan Provincial Institute of Cultural Heritage.
The conference will last 7 days including registration (Sunday, 14th of April), presentation, poster session, excursion and departure day (Saturday 20th of April). The conference excursion will be to the Historical Architecture Groups in Dengfeng city (world cultural heritage site listed in 2010) including the Shaolin Temple, the Songyuesi Tower as well as the Longmen Grottoes (world cultural heritage site listed in 2000). The expenses of food and excursion will be covered by the host.

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Xiaolin Ma
Deputy Director
Henan Administration of Cultural Heritage
Email :

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