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The Intangible Elements of Culture in the Ethnoarchaeological Research

[Congrès, colloques, réunions]

21-23 novembre 2012
Rome (CNR - P.le A. Moro 4)

Une conférence proposée par l’Associazione italiana di Etnoarcheologia

"Over the past decade, the ‘intangible’ has become a key word in anthropological research and in heritage management. Archaeological theories and methods regarding the explorations of the meaning and the significance of artefacts, resources, and settlement patterns are increasingly focusing on non-material evidence. Due to its peculiar characteristics, ethnoarchaeology can effectively foster the development of the study of the intangible cultural heritage of living societies, and highlight its relevance to the study of those of the past. This conference seeks to bring together scholars who are considering the role of the intangible in the interpretation of data in their ethnoarchaeological projects, with the aim of discussing the implications for archaeological research.
The conference aims to explore the role of the ‘ethnoarchaeology of the intangible’ in the following (yet not restricted to) themes : raw material procurement artefact production and distributions ; settlement pattern, human-environment interactions, use and perception of landscape, socio-political relationships ; site features and facilities."

avec des conférences de A. Cazzella , P. Lane, A. Gallay, P. Petrequin, M. Tosi

 Francesca Lugli
 Alessandra Assunta Stoppiello
 Massimo Vidale
 Stefano Biagetti

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avant le 30 avril 2012
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