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Traceology today : Methodological issues in the Old World and the Americas = A traceologia hoje : Questões metodológicas no Velho Mundo e nas Américas

[16ème Congrès UISPP Appel à contributions]

"The theoretical context of early development and acknowledgment of Traceology -as it is called by the Russian school- and Wear Traces/Functional analysis -as it is considered by western scholars-, splitted somehow until recently, leading to two different approaches in archaeological tools functional interpretation. Anyhow, since the beginning of the 3rd millennium, three international conferences held in Russia (2000, 2003) and Italy (2005), opened the debate and exchange of ideas on the discipline and showed that it was time to walk in the same direction, broadening the research horizons. With this spirit in mind, the UISPP 33rd Commission was created. Its main goal is to enhance the knowledge of the very complex issues related to functional analysis and the role played by tools in the reconstruction of ancient economic systems. This implies that the reconstruction of past artefacts production and use is not just a matter of re-enactment worked materials, actions, or techniques. What actually functional analysis commission is concerned of, is dealing with the issues that aimed to understand the evolution of production techniques and their economic consequences for people that at one time produced and used the artefacts in a social context. As well a close eye is devoted to the technological innovation that can enhance the interpretative possibilities of wear traces."

Com 33
President : Dr. Natalia Skakun
Secretary : Dr. Laura Longo

Meeting Florianopolis 2011
Dr. María Estela Mansur
Ms. Márcio Alonso Lima