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Scientific Methods in Cultural Heritage Research : Challenges and Complexity in Characterization and Conservation

[Congrès, colloques, réunions]

27 juillet 2014 - 1er août 2014
Newry (Maine - USA)

This second Gordon Research Conference on Scientific Methods in Cultural Heritage Research offers exceptional opportunities to discuss the latest research advances on the material components, degradation phenomena and conservation strategies for cultural heritage objects. The symposium will have particular relevance for the study and preservation of important artifacts of the past and present, but will also highlight how innovative analytical techniques and sampling approaches can advance discoveries and overcome the limitations to analysis posed by hierarchically complex and often irreplaceable materials.

Preliminary Program
 Scientific Studies of Ancient and Historic Production : Putting Cultural Heritage Research in Context- Barbara Berrie / Margaret W. Conkey / Ashok Roy)
 Conservation : The Problem of Condition - Diagnosis and Treatment- Alison Murray / Matija Strlic / Maria Luisa de Carvalho / Piero Baglioni)
 Conservation : Modes of Alteration and Prevention- Paul Whitmore / Jaap Boon / Jim Druzik)
 Advanced Analytical Methods of Promise for Cultural Heritage Applications- Yeonhee Lee / Sergei Kazarian / Ester Ferreira / Demian Ifa)
 Biodeterioration- Mary Lou Florian / Archana Vasanthakumar / Valme Jurado)
 3D Transport Phenomena- Fenella France / Katrien Keune / Philippe Dillmann / Christian Amatore)
 Collagen-Based Materials : Characterization and Preservation- Matthew Collins / Caroline Tokarski / Craig Kennedy)
 Surface Phenomena- Silvia Centeno / Patrick Ravines / Gianluca Valentini / Stephen Elliott)
 Keynote Session : Scientific Research for Modern Art - Current Needs and Future Outlook- Heinz-Eberhard Mahnke / Narayan Khandekar / Best Poster Presenters)

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