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14th Conference of the European Ceramic Society

[Congrès, colloques, réunions]

21-25 juin 2015

Une des sessions est consacrée aux céramiques traditionnelles

Traditional ceramics, Innovative construction materials and Cultural heritage

sur les thèmes suivants :
— Energy cost, environmental and waste management issues in traditional ceramic industry.
— High performance and/or multifunctional products and contest with innovative composite systems in the construction sector.
— Sustainability of ceramics manufacturing and the knowledge on the properties and behaviour of materials required by the new technologies and the complexity of traditional ceramics.
— Raw materials and additives.
— Archaeometric studies of pottery and glazed artefacts (focusing on non-destructive techniques, differentiation between genuine masterpieces and fakes, provenance studies, and other related topics).
— Research of ancient methods of ceramic production from clay mining to firing.
— Experimental archaeological practices in ceramic field and production of replica.

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