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On the rocks : 10th International Symposium on Knappable Materials

[Congrès, colloques, réunions]

8-10 septembre 2015

Main Sessions
The symposium will focus on two major themes : The chaîne opératoire of knapped stone artefacts, and auxilliary sciences related to lithics (in particular microcrystaline quartz).

Theme 1 - Chaîne opératoire
 Raw material exploitation strategies - mining and surface collecting
 Ancient lithic trade and economics
 Stone tool production and processing techniques
 Use-wear analyses - signs of usage on stone tools (a.k.a. traceology)

Theme 2 - Auxilliary sciences
 Microcrystaline quartz as a geological material
 Characterising lithic sources
 Lithotheques - collections of comparative raw materials
 Gemology - Microcrystaline quartz and obsidian as gemstones today and in the past

Sessions Proposals
We are pleased to invite proposals for themed sessions, round table discussions or workshops for the upcoming symposium. Sessions are invited on current issues and research in the field of microcrystaline quartz (knapped or otherwise) or knappable materials in general. Sessions may be specific to methodology, regional research, or any other theme.

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