Laboratoire méditerranéen de préhistoire Europe Afrique Lampea

Laboratoire méditerranéen de préhistoire Europe Afrique
Lampea, UMR 7269




Directrice de l'unité
Estelle Herrscher

Directeurs adjoints
Pierre Magniez
Xavier Margarit

BP 647
5 rue du Château de l'Horloge
13094 Aix-en-Provence
Cedex 2
33 (0) 442 52 42 94

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European Meeting of the Paleopathology Association

[Congrès, colloques, réunions]

27-30 août 2012

"Two fields of research frequently contribute to the development of paleopathology - the sociocultural sciences and medical sciences. In the sociocultural sciences research is usually undertaken in laboratories and departments devoted to the humanities, while in the medical sciences research is typically within located medical schools. These two types of research, and the differing philosophical concepts behind them, can lead to ideological conflict, as the contributions of both fields to paleopathology are unbalanced. The medical sciences have the benefit of understanding the lesions caused by disease in humans, and the symptoms of those diseases recorded in written texts from the past. Conversely, the anthropological sciences have the benefit of understanding the archaeological context of the material under investigation, and the cultural context of the past population in question. However, the contribution of paleopathology to both fields seems to favour the anthropological sciences, as most paleopathology articles are published by anthropologists and bioarchaeologists in anthropological journals. "

Main topics
- Paleoparasitology
- Isotopic analysis (Social status, diet, mobility : isotopic evidence) / Organizers : Estelle Herrscher & Anastasia Papathanasiou
- Paleopathology : medical and archeological approach
- News in Research

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