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First cities – an exploration of early cities in Europe and Asia

[Congrès, colloques, réunions]

15-17 avril 2016
Durham University

Durham Conference 2016
The British conference of the AHRC-sponsored Early urbanism in Europe ? : the case of the Trypillia mega-sites, Ukraine Project.

There has been a loss of nerve in studies of early urbanism, with an inability to define the term leading to an analytical paralysis which has stopped archaeologists from making a strong contribution to global narratives of cultural change. Can we change this state of affairs ? How can we best transcend Gordon Childe’s criteria for urban sites which still, often implicitly, dominate the urbanism agenda ? Will low-density urbanism, as proposed by Roland Fletcher, make a distinctive contribution ? And what is the status of the very large, if rather undifferentiated, Trypillia mega-sites of Ukraine – the largest sites in 4th millennium BC Europe, if not the world ?

This conference aims to bring together some of the key thinkers in recent urbanism studies to define a new agenda for urbanism and to assess the contribution of the Trypillia mega-sites to this emergent debate.

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