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FERNANDEZ-CRESPO Teresa — Post-Doctorante

Marie Curie Post-Doctoral fellowship
At LAMPEA from September 2019 to August 2021

Contact : Teresa Fernadez-Crespo

Topic of Marie Curie Fellowship

WEAPON - "Warrior Elites : Assessing their presence and organisational identity in Neolithic Europe " (H2020 MSCA IF-EF-ST- 2017, supervisor : Gwenaëlle Goude)

The project proposes a multi-isotope approach that aims to explore the identity and life-histories of those populations involved in the violence observed in Neolithic Europe, particularly in the Mid-Upper Ebro and Mid-Upper Rhine valleys (northern Spain and northeastern France, respectively), where a number of skeletons with skeletal trauma and/or arrowhead injuries have been documented.

Member of Program P3

Research themes
 Late Prehistoric archaeology of Western Europe
 Funerary archaeology, Bioarchaeology, Isotope analysis, Physical Anthropology, Osteology, Taphonomy, Paleopathology
 Identity and life-histories, burial practices, social differentiation, inequality, violence
 Diet, mobility, landscape use, subsistence economy
 Radiocarbon dating, Bayesian analysis (C14, diet)

Participation to International Projects
 Co-investigator in ‘The darker angels of our nature : a butchered prehistoric human bone assemblage from Charterhouse Warren, Somerset, England’ (SG163375) project (PI RJ Schulting, funded by the British Academy, UK, 2017-present)
 Co-investigator in ‘Paisaje y sociedad. El valle medio del Ebro entre el 6000 y el 500 cal. ANE’ (HAR2015-65620-P) project (PI JV Picazo, funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, 2018-present)
 Co-investigator in ‘Parque megalítico de Legaire’ project (PI J Ordoño, funded by the Diputación Foral de Álava, Spain, 2018-present)

Recent Publications
 Fernández-Crespo T, Snoeck C, Ordoño J, de Winter NJ, Czermak A, Mattielli N, Lee-Thorp JA, Schulting RJ. 2020. Multi-isotope evidence for the emergence of cultural alterity in Late Neolithic Europe. Science Advances 6:eaay2169.
 Fernández-Crespo T, Ordoño J, Bogaard A, Llanos A, Schulting RJ. 2019. A snapshot of subsistence in Iron Age Iberia : the case of La Hoya village. JAS : Reports 28:102037.
 Fernández-Crespo T, Schulting RJ, Ordoño J, Rojo-Guerra MA, Sesma-Sesma J, García-Gazólaz J, Altuna J, Mariezkurrena K, Arias P. 2019. Isotopic evidence of strong reliance on animal foods and dietary heterogeneity among Early-Middle Neolithic communities of Iberia. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences 11(10):5462-5481.
 Fernández-Crespo T, Schulting RJ, Ordoño J, Duering A, Etxeberria F, Herrasti L, Armendariz A, Vegas JI, Bronk Ramsey C. 2018. New radiocarbon dating and demographic insights into San Juan ante Portam Latinam, a possible Late Neolithic war grave in north-central Iberia. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 166(3):760-771.
 Fernández-Crespo T, Czermak A, Lee-Thorp JA, Schulting RJ. 2018. Infant and childhood diet at the passage tomb of Alto de la Huesera (north-central Iberia) from bone collagen and sequential dentine isotope composition. International Journal of Osteoarchaeology 28(5):542-551.
 Fernández-Crespo T, Ordoño J, Barandiarán I, Andrés MT, Schulting RJ. 2018. The Bell Beaker multiple burial pit of La Atalayuela (La Rioja, Spain) : stable isotope insights into diet, identity and mortuary practices in Chalcolithic Iberia. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences 11(8):3733-3749.
 Fernández-Crespo T, Schulting RJ. 2017. Living different lives : early social differentiation identified through linking mortuary and isotopic variability in Late Neolithic/ Early Chalcolithic north-central Spain. PLOS ONE 12(9):e0177881.
 Fernández-Crespo T. 2017. New evidence of Early Chalcolithic interpersonal violence in the Middle Ebro Valley (Spain) : Two arrowhead injuries from the swallet from Las Yurdinas II. International Journal of Osteoarchaeology (SI) 27:76-85.
 Fernández-Crespo, T, de-la-Rúa C. 2016. Demographic differences between funerary caves and megalithic graves of northern Spanish Late Neolithic/Early Chalcolithic. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 160(2):284-297.
 Fernández-Crespo T. 2016. An arrowhead injury in a Late Neolithic/Early Chalcolithic human cuneiform from the rockshelter of La Peña de Marañón (Navarre, Spain) International Journal of Osteoarchaeology 26:1024-1033.
 Fernández-Crespo T, de-la-Rúa C. 2015. Demographic evidence of selective burial in megalithic graves of Northern Spain. Journal of Archaeological Science 63:604-617.