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Internet Archaeology propose un numéro thématique "Implement Petrology"

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Les articles rassemblés ici sont le texte des présentations données lors d’une réunion sur les industries lithiques organisée à l’Université de York, en automne 2007. Cette réunion avait permis d’explorer les différentes manières d’aborder l’analyse et l’interprétation des industries lithiques dans un large éventail de contextes.



- Techno-economy of Iberomaurusian Lithic Assemblages. New data from Courbet-Marine (north-eastern littoral of Algiers) / Latifa Sari

- Stone Bracelet Production in Mali / Anne Garin Carmagnani and Yvan Pailler


- The Stone Tool Industry of Hac Sa, Macau, China / Vin Davis and Roy Sit Kai Sin
- Stone Tool Production-Distribution Systems at Huizui, China / Anne Ford
- Production of Stone Spades and Emergence of the First State in the Yiluo region, China / Li Liu, Xingcan Chen and John Webb
- The Neolithic Stone Implements of China : a review / Zhang Chi
- Raw materials, production and distribution of Xuejiagang stone tools / Zhuang Lina

- The Prehistoric Axe Factory at Sanganakallu-Kupgal (Bellary District), Southern India / Roberto Risch, Nicole Boivin, Michael Petraglia, David Gómez-Gras, Ravi Korisettar and Dorian Fuller

- The Challenge of Characterising Large Assemblages of Exotic Materials : a case study of the obsidian from Domuztepe, SE Turkey / Elizabeth Healey and Stuart Campbell

- Veneration and Spiritual Pleading through Stone : observations and musings on current practice in rural Turkmenistan / Glenys McLaren


- Axe Production and Exchange in the Seine Valley (France) / François Giligny, Françoise Bostyn, Jérémie Couderc, Nicolas le Maux, Harold Lethrosne, Adrienne Lo Carmine and Cécile Riquier
- The Functional and Symbolic Value of Grinding Stone Tools from the Late Bandkeramik of North-Western Europe / Caroline Hamon
- The Role of Stone in Neolithic Monumental Art : case studies and methods of representation in Ireland and Brittany / Guillaume Robin and Serge Cassen

- ’They wrought almost any material that came in their way’ : Mesolithic Flint Alternatives in the West of Ireland / Killian Driscoll
- Exploring the Chaîne Opératoires in Irish Quartz Lithic Traditions : Current Research / Killian Driscoll
- Bits and Pieces : early Bronze Age stone bracers from Ireland / Fiona Roe and Ann Woodward

- The use of exotic flint and the neolithisation of the Lower Rhine Basin (NL) / Annelou van Gijn

- Underground Prehistoric Mining in Europe / Salvador Domínguez Bella

- Biographies of Stone and Landscape : Lithic Scatters / Clive Jonathon Bond
- Life Amongst the Rubbish : Middening and Conspicuous Consumption at Durrington Walls / Ben Chan
- Flint and Tuff in Prehistoric Cumbria / P.J. Cherry
- An Asymmetrical Trade : Trade in the Exotic and Our Understanding of Axes and Early Neolithic Exchange / Tom Clare
- The Fire in The Flint : Arrowhead Production and Heat Treatment / Diana Coles
- Everybody Must Get Stones / Timothy Darvill
- From Implement to Outcrop : a model for identifying implement source rock at outcrop / Amy Davis, Vin Davis and Mik Markham
- Neolithic Ground Axe-heads and Monuments in Wessex / David Field
- Aspects of the Petrology and Geochemistry of Greenstones : with special reference to SW England and Wales / P.A. Floyd
- Ceremony and Carpentry ? Neolithic Stone Axeheads in an East Yorkshire (UK) Lowland Landscape / Peter Halkon
- Cache and Carry : lithic technology and Mesolithic mobility / Paul R. Preston
- ’Durable Residues’ : Addressing the use of microwear, a case study from March Hill / Ivan Briz y Godino, Myrian Álvarez, Penny Spikins and Andrew Needham
- Graig Lwyd (Group VII) lithic assemblages from the excavations at Parc Bryn Cegin, Llandygai, Gwynedd, Wales - analysis and interpretation / J. Ll. W. Williams and Jane Kenney
- Erratics and re-cycled stone : scholarly irrelevancies or fundamental utilities to lithic studies in prehistoric Britain and beyond ? / C. Stephen Briggs


- A Study of Olmec Serpentinite : exchange, production, distribution, and consumption during the Early and Middle Formative period in Mesoamerica / Olaf Jaime-Riverón, Dolores Tenorio Castilleros, Thomas Calligaro and Juan Carlos Cruz Ocampo

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