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LEROY Suzanne

Membre associée & Honorary Research Fellow in Environmental Sciences at the University of Liverpool.

Au LAMPEA depuis février 2018.

Contact :


 1.Palynology (pollen and dinocysts), palaeoclimates, past environmental changes, past natural hazards and disasters
 2. Caspian Sea, SW Asia, Mediterranean region, N. Africa
 3. From Pliocene to present

Training : Doctorat en Sciences, 1990, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgique

Membre du Programme P1 de l’unité

PI/Participation International projects

 Marmara Sea with P. Henry (CEREGE, France)
 Gorgan Wall with E. Sauer (U of Edinburgh, UK)
 Caspian Sea, Turkey, Issyk-Kul with S. Giralt (CSIC, Spain) and R. Ricketts (U of Minnesota, USA), Dead Sea

Recent publications

 Leroy S.A.G., Arpe K., Mikolajewicz U., Wu J., 2020. Climate simulations and pollen data reveal the distribution and connectivity of temperate tree populations in eastern Asia during the Last Glacial Maximum. CP 16, 2039–2054.
 Davis B., Chevalier M., Sommer P., Carter V., et al. 2020. The Eurasian Modern Pollen Database (EMPD), version 2. Earth System Science Data 12, 2423–2445. 10.5194/essd-2020-14
 Hamdan M.A., Flower R., Hassan F.A., Leroy S.A.G., 2020. Geochemical and palynological analysis of Faiyum Lake sediments, Egypt : implications for Holocene paleoclimate. J. African Earth Sciences 167 : xx-xx. 103864
 Sala-Pérez M., Lattuada M., Flecker R., Anesio A., Leroy S.A.G., 2020. Dinoflagellate cyst assemblages as indicators of environmental conditions and shipping activities in coastal areas of the Black and Caspian Seas. Regional Studies in Marine Science 38, 101472.
 Leroy SAG, Giralt SR, 2021. Humid and cold periods in the last 5600 years in Arid Central Asia revealed by palynology of Picea schrenkiana from Issyk-Kul. The Holocene 31, 3 : 380-391.
 Gürbüz A., Kazancı N., Hakyemez H. Y., Leroy S.A.G., Roberts N., Saraç G., Ergun Z., Boyraz-Arslan S., Gürbüz E., Koç K., Yedek Ö, Yücel T.O. 2021. Geological evolution of a tectonic and climatic transition zone : the Beyşehir-Suğla basin, lake district of Turkey. International Journal of Earth Sciences 110, 3 : 1077-1107.
 Leroy S.A.G., Ricketts R.D. and Rasmussen K.A., 2021. Vegetation, limnology and climatic change 12,750 to 3600 years ago in the Issyk-Kul catchment, Tien Shan. QSR 259, 106897
 Sala-Pérez, M., Lockyer, A.E., Anesio, A., & Leroy, S.A.G. 2021. Effect of temperature and salinity on the growth and morphology of the first cultures of Gymnodinium aureolum from the Black Sea. Botanica Marina, online
 Cleal, Pardoe, …. Leroy, … 2021. Palaeobotanical experiences of plant diversity in deep time : I : How well can we distinguish past plant diversity in the fossil record ? PPP 110481

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