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Prix 2015 | Institut Danone France-FRM | Gwenaëlle Goude

Modes de vie, alimentation, nutrition

Programme 2016-2017

Goude Gwenaëlle, CR CNRS, PI

Prix Institut Danone France - Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale pour les Sciences de l’Alimentation

Women and diet at the beginning of farming (5th – 3rd millennium BC, France) : a bio-anthropological approach

The project
Women’s status and its evolution is an important social debate in our current societies. However, studies on Prehistoric populations often neglect the specific part of women in societies although they are the connection with infants and children, and with partners, neighbours or mates. Studying dietary practices, its diversity and social implications is an important way to understand the relationships between environment and the potential status of individuals within the society, particularly at the beginning of the Neolithicization. Indeed, this period is decisive episode as its embodies the advent and development of cultivated plants and bred animals, and marks a new step in cultural and economic changes leading to profound biological and social modifications. This project aims at characterizing the dietary habits of women, during the three first millennia of farming (5th – 3rd millennium BC) across contrasting environmental areas in France (Gurgy and neighbouring sites in Paris Basin, Le Vigneau 2 in Touraine, Pontcharaud 2 in Massif Central, Les Bréguières in Mediterranean). Dietary information is then discussed to define (1) the variability of protein intake (fish, meat), plant consumption, and cooking mode, (2) the differences inside and/or between the environments targeted, (3) the link between health status and food, and (4) the potential implication of food in gender identity during this period. Over the past years, the increase of bioarchaeological methods and techniques led to new information and hypotheses on the human palaeodiet. The combination of different anthropological and environmental approaches remains under developed, and we propose to use several of them, in particular : stable isotope analysis on human bone and teeth (carbon, nitrogen, sulphur and strontium ; on collagen, apatite, and amino acids), calculus content analysis (microremains, proteins, DNA), parasitological, zoological and botanical determination (farming and cooking modes), and osteological/genetical analysis (stress markers, sex determination, pathologies) (e.g. Fig. 1). These methods allow getting individual and population data on foods consumed, environment exploited and health. The project pushes forward previous researches, focusing on the diversity of dietary patterns in Prehistoric societies with new and enhanced analysis on original bioarchaeological remains from France. Expected results concern the evidence of specific women’s dietary behaviour possibly linked to constraints imposed by the group and their modification throughout time and space in response to modified constraints.

The team and collaborators
 Gwenaëlle Goude (PI), Guy André, Aix Marseille Univ, CNRS, Minist Culture & Com, LAMPEA UMR 7269, Aix-en-Provence, France
 Didier Binder, Lionel Gourichon, UMR 7264 CEPAM, Nice, France
 Laurent Bouby, Fanny Gaveriaux, UMR 5059 ISEM, Montpellier, France
 Marie-France Deguilloux, Marie-Hélène Pemonge, Léonie Rey, Maïté Rivollat,
Stéphane Rottier, Sébastien Villotte, UMR 5199 PACEA, Bordeaux, France
 Matthieu Le Bailly, UMR 6249 Chrono-Environnement, Besançon, France
 Robert C. Power, Domingo Salazar Garcia, Max Planck Institute, EVA, Leipzig, Germany
 Françoise Toulemonde, MNHN UMR 7209, Paris, France

Specific partnerships
 Le Vigneau 2 site : Arnaud Coutelas, Anne Hauzeur, Johanna Terrom (Paléotime, Arkémine)
 Pontcharaud 2 site : Aurore Lambert, Antoine Sanz, Aurore Schmitt (UMR 7268 ADES, Marseille, France)
 Biogeochemistry : Y. Naito, N. Okhouchi (JAMSTEC, Yokosuka, Japan) ; V. Balter, T. Tacail (LGL-TPE ENS, Lyon, France)

The research team thanks Iso-Analytical Ltd. (Crewe, UK) for its availability and services. The PI is also grateful to the following persons for help in providing bioarchaeological material and fruitful discussions and information : Jean Courtin, Laurence Bonnabel and Xavier Delestre (SRA PACA), Karim Gernigon (SRA Normandie), Emilie Thomas and Frédéric Letterlé (SRA Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes), Manon Cabanis, Anne Hasler, Isabelle Figueiral, Pierrick Fouéré (INRAP, France), Vanessa Léa (UMR 5608 TRACES, Toulouse, France), Karine Raynaud (Eveha, France), Ingrid Sénépart (Service archéologique, ville de Marseille), and Luc Marlier (UMR 7357 ICube, Strasbourg, France).


 Rey L., Naito Y., Goude G., Ohkouchi N., Chikaraishi Y., Salazar-Garcia D.C., Rottier S., Les hommes néolithiques de la vallée de l’Yonne ont-ils mangé du poisson ? Intérêt et limites d’une analyse isotopique multi-proxy (C, N, Naa, S). Réunion Scientifique de la Société d’Anthropologie de Paris (janvier 2018, Poitiers). Podium

 Hauzeur A. , A. Coutelas, J. Terrom, L. Roux, L. Chesnaux, G. Goude, La nécropole Chambon du Vigneau (Pussigny, Indre-et-Loire) : un lieu à vocation funéraire pour une communauté de pasteurs ? 32e colloque interrégional sur le Néolithique « Statut des objets, des lieux et des Hommes au Néolithique » (24-25 novembre, Le Mans). Podium
 Rey L. , T. Tacail, V. Balter, S. Rottier, G. Goude, Tracking dietary changes and mobility patterns at a near weekly scale during childhood by LA-ICP-MS analysis in dental enamel : an experimental study on a Neolithic population in the Paris Basin (France). ISDM-IAPO-2017 : 17th International Symposium on Dental Morphology (ISDM) & 2nd congress of International Association for Paleodontology (IAPO) (4-7octobre, Bordeaux). Podium
 Goude G. , D. C. Salazar-García, R. C. Power, L. Gourichon, A. Varalli, M. Rivollat, M.-F. Deguilloux, G. André, S. Pruvost, D. Binder, Documenting diet and mobility at the onset of farming : multi-proxy analyses at the Les Bréguières site (6th-5th mill cal. BC, Southeastern France), Réunion Scientifique de la Société d’Anthropologie de Paris (janvier 2017, Paris). Podium

 Stefanovic S. , G. Goude, Introduction to the session Births, mothers and babies : a bioarchaeological perspective. Eighth World Archaeological Congress (28 août-2 septembre, Kyoto, Japon). Podium
 Rey L. , T. Tacail, M. Le Luyer, D. C. Salazar-García, V. Balter, G. André, S. Rottier, G. Goude, Tracking male vs. female Neolithic behaviors : a new multi-element and multi-isotope-ratio analysis to reconstruct diet and mobility in northern France. Forum Multi-proxy evidence for reconstructing ancient diets and foodways (A. Shibutani, O. Craig), Eighth World Archaeological Congress (28 août-2 septembre, Kyoto, Japon). Podium
 Goude G. . Alimentation humaine et environnement au Néolithique : synthèse des données isotopiques et anthropologiques en France et Ligurie. Séminaire Nanterre Univ. Paris Ouest, UMR 7055 PréTech (2 mai 2016, Nanterre). Seminar
 Goude G. , D. C. Salazar-García, M. Le Bailly, J. Terrom, R. Power, A. Hauzeur, L. Roux, A. Coutelas, A multidisciplinary approach to Neolithic dietary reconstruction : the case of “le Vigneau” site (ca. 4400 BC ; Indre-et-Loire, France), Réunion Scientifique de la Société d’Anthropologie de Paris (janvier 2016, Lyon). Poster

 Goude G, Salazar-Garcia DC, Power R, Terrom J, Rivollat M, Deguilloux M-F, Pemonge M-H, Le Bailly M, André G, Coutelas A, Hauzeur A. (submitted). A multidisciplinary approach to Neolithic life reconstruction and social status identification. Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory.
 Rey L, Salazar-Garcìa DC, Chambon P, Santos F, Rottier S, and Goude G. in prep. A multi-isotope ratio analysis of various cultural Neolithic human groups in Yonne valley, Northern France : insight into dietary complexities. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences.

Public events
 Goude G. , D. Unsain, M. Kernin, E. Verdun-Castello « Environnement et alimentation pendant la Préhistoire », school workshops, Fête de la Science, Aix en Provence, 6 October.
 Goude , A. Varalli. laboratorio La dispensa dei nostri antenati. Alimentazione e stile di vita. Darwin Day school workshop, Museum of Ligurian archaeology (Genoa, Italy), 10-11 February.

 Magniez P. , G. Goude, A. Varalli, L. Mion, A. Uzunidis, M. Pelletier « Environnement et alimentation pendant la Préhistoire », National days of Archaeology (Marseille), 17-19 June.
 Magniez P. , G. Goude, A. Varalli, L. Mion, A. Uzunidis, M. Pelletier « Environnement et alimentation pendant la Préhistoire », Fête de la Science, Aix en Provence, 14 October.
 Varalli A. , G. Goude. Alimentazione e stile di vita in Liguria nella Preistoria : stato attuale della ricerca. Conference, Museum of Ligurian archaeology (Genoa, Italy), 1 April.

Post-scriptum :

Le prix 2015, d’un montant total de 150 000 euros, permet de soutenir trois équipes de recherche indépendantes à hauteur de 50 000€ chacune pendant 2 ans. Les projets de recherche répondent à la thématique « Modes de vie, alimentation et nutrition », dans ses aspects épidémiologiques, socio-économiques, socio-anthropologiques ou métaboliques. Il permet de mener à bien des projets originaux sur des thématiques variées, non encore soumis à communication ou publication.

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