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IdEx Bordeaux is opening research chairs positions for young scientists

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The chairs will be funded for a period of up to three years.

The program is intended to enhance the academic and scientific community of the University of Bordeaux and other partner institutions in strategic fields by supporting young, high-profile international researchers in setting up research teams to develop their own project within one of Bordeaux’s laboratories.

Applications are open to all scientific fields. However, IdEx Bordeaux is built on a number of scientific priorities and proposals in these areas or at the interfaces between them will be examined with particular attention. These fields are : materials science, neuroscience, environment and ecosystem, numerical certification and reliability, archaeology, laser and photonics, health and societies, translational imaging and cardiology. Candidates bringing new skills to develop emerging research areas and researchers with an industrial background are welcome to apply.

Applications will be open from October 15th 2015 to November 22nd 2015.

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