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Practical course "HESPAD : Hominin ecospace and dispersal"

[Cours, enseignements, formation]

du 4 au 22 mai 2015
Frankfurt am Main : Goethe Universität

In this class we are studying hominin environments, their dynamics in the Pleistocene and which impact the environment had on distribution and dispersal. Based on varying case studies we examine interrelations between hominids and their respective ecospaces. Among the topics we convered in the last years are for instance Early and early Middle Pleistocene hominid sites in the Mediterranean and Late Pleistocene hominid sites along the South African coastline.

The participants explore a suite of methods, for instance
— climate reconstruction based on plant fossils (coexistence approach)
— analysis of climate dynamics
— reconstruction of ecological diversity of large mammal faunas (ecoprofiling)
— community-based analysis of relations between specialized herbivores, climate, and
— GIS-based analysis of spatial datasets
— agent-based modelling

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If you are interested to participate please contact
- Christine Hertler (
- Angela Bruch (
until December 15, 2014.

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