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Intensive Training Course on Soil Micromorphology

[Cours, enseignements, formation]

du 28 septembre 2014 au 4 octobre 2014
Tremp (Lérida - Catalogne)

- Principles of mineralogy and petrography, optical mineralogy
- Micromorphology sampling and making thin sections
- Guidelines for the description of thin sections of soils and regoliths
- Micromorphology of soil materials and identification of soil formation processes : carbonate-, gypsum- , and salt affected soils, volcanic soils, clay accumulation, hydromorphic soils, tropical and highly weathered soils, glacial and periglacial processes.
- Micromorphometry and image processing.
- Soil genesis and classification
- Agronomy : sealing and crusting, structure and porosity
- Paleosols and technosols
- Archaeology

Admission requirements
The course is directed to students or graduates in agronomy, archeology, geology, environmental sciences, forestry, or any degree including soil science or geoarcheology in its curriculum.
The admission to the course will follow the order of inscription. In case of excess of demand, criteria as the interest of the applicant, the need for micromorphology training for his/her work will be taken into account. Special criteria will be applied for particular cases.

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