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École d’été de géoarchéologie et d’archéométrie

[Cours, enseignements, formation]

du 21 au 25 juillet 2014
Alcúdia (Majorque)

The purpose of the course is to expose students to interdisciplinary research that involves archaeology and the natural sciences in the field. The students will experience interactive work that combines excavation and analysis of materials using an on-site laboratory. The course will emphasize the inter-connection between laboratory analyses and the archaeological context, and will include fieldwork, laboratory work, and lectures.

Special talks
- Pollentia : a provincial city in the Balearics / M.A. Cau
- Archaeological Science and Archaeological sites / D. Cabanes
- Analysis of organic residues in Archaeology / A. Pecci
- Phytolith Analysis and its potential / R.Mª. Albert
- Geomorphology applied to archaeological sites and its landscape / Christophe Morhange

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