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ARIADNE 2014 Summer School on “3D Documentation of Fieldwork and Artefacts”

[Cours, enseignements, formation]

23-27 juin 2014
Pisa (Italy)

The school aims at providing training and hands-on experience on the tools for producing and managing 2D and 3D documentation for archaeological purposes, both for objects and for monuments/sites, including the related visualization tools. The school will provide an introduction to the technologies and tools in the first 2-3 days and a hands-on activity in the remaining ones, organizing the students in small groups. It is expected that each student will bring her/his own research project, so that practice can be made on case studies of direct interest for the students.

Basic knowledge on the digitization process (3D/2D) and on sampled data processing.

- 3D acquisition
- Presentation of students’ projects
- 3D from photos
- Conversion of 3D models into formats optimized for web-based visualization
- Enhanced 2D media
- Panoramic imaging
- Hands-on experience on the test cases proposed by the students
- Lesson learned and feedback from participants

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Details of how to apply to participate in the summer schools, and for a bursary, are available from :

Date limite d’inscription : 13 mars 2014