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Stage d’archéologie en Bulgarie

[Cours, enseignements, formation]

juin 2014
Ilindentsi - Strumyani

Projet Birth of Europe organisé par la fondation Balkan Heritage

- Initiation aux techniques de fouilles et de relevé (habitat du Néolithique ancien d’Ilindentsi)
- Cours théoriques sur les méthodes en archéologie et sur la néolithisation de l’Europe et du Proche-Orient

Ce stage, qui se déroule sur 15 jours (du 14/06/2014 au 28/06/2014 ou du 29/06/2014 au 13/07/2014), est ouvert aux étudiants de tous les niveaux.

Tous les cours sont dispensés en anglais (niveau correct exigé).

The excavation project at Ilindentsi aims to seek more detailed answers of either general questions regarding Balkan and European Prehistory :
- who were the first European farmers ?
- what made them migrate to Europe ?
- did they find indigenous populations in the Balkans ?
- how did their societies function and develop ?
- how did their everyday life look like ?
- did they keep connections with their Anatolian homeland ?

or more site-related problems such as :
- how long did people inhabit the Neolithic settlement and are there any interruptions in the settlement history ? Were they basically farmers or did they have any other "specialization" ?
- what are the borders of the settlement in the course of time and reasons for horizontal stragraphy ?
- why does the Southern geomagnetic anomaly exsist on the site map ?
- was the ditch and the fence surrounding the entire settlement or one of its parts ? Were they to protect humans and domesticated animals from wild animals or other humans ?

Renseignements et inscriptions :