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Bourses de post-doctorat à l’ULg pour chercheur étranger (appel 2014) = ULg postdoctoral positions for foreign PhD fellows

[Emplois, bourses, prix]

à partir d’octobre 2014
Université de Liège

25 postdoctoral positions are open to foreign PhD fellows (call 2014)
All research areas

Those applying for the grant must meet the conditions for the allocation of a "foreign post-doctoral grant" in Belgium :
They must have obtained a PhD abroad and not have lived or worked in their main job in Belgium for more thant 24 months in the past 3 years before the start of the BeIPD-COFUND fellowship ;
If the are allocated the grant, they must be doing full-time unconstrained research at ULg ;
During the fellowship, the applicant may not perform other paid work for ULg or a third party.

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In order to access the application form, please request your access codes until 12 February 2014 - 11h59 pm from