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Methodologies in analysing structured and semi-structured archaeological data for knowledge extraction

[Cours, enseignements, formation]

26-27 septembre 2013
Nicosie (Chypre)

NARNIA (New Archaeological Research Network for Integrating Approaches to ancient material studies)
is an interdisciplinary project, the main objective of which is to provide young researchers with the means to conduct research on ancient Eastern Mediterranean material culture and to develop their analytical skills through a series of research and training activities.

The objectives of the training course are :
- To offer a spherical understanding of the state-of-art methods currently employed in the analysis of archaeological data ;
- To offer a basic knowledge of key machine learning and computational intelligence methodologies for the analysis of structured and semi-structured data ;
- To offer understanding of how the above methods could be applied in the archaeological domain ;
- To offer participants the possibility of being engaged in practical group-workshops and acquire hands-on experience in the application of some data analysis methods

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