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Three Postdoc positions and two PhD positions in Forensic and Archaeology Provenancing

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à partir du 1er septembre 2013

Recently a European Research Council Synergy Grant was awarded for the project “NEXUS1492’’. New World Encounters in a Globalising World”. The project investigates the impacts of colonial encounters in the Caribbean, the nexus of the first interactions between the New and the Old World. NEXUS1492 will address intercultural Amerindian-European-African dynamics at multiple temporal and spatial scales across the historical divide of 1492.

Three postdoc positions for between two and five years
 Postdoc position 1
Explore the application of novel geochemical-isotopic forensic and provenancing techniques in an archaeological and/or forensic science context.
 Postdoc position 2
Optimise and develop in situ microdrilling and laser ablation sampling techniques for the trace element and isotopic analysis of archaeological artefacts.
 Postdoc position 3
Better quantify the geological-geomorphological-climate processes that control the isotope geochemical signals used to obtain provenance information in archaeological studies ; i.e. origin of isoscapes.
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Two four year PhD positions
 PhD position 1
Work with the NEXUS1492 team to study the isotope geochemistry of artefacts to quantify changes in trading routes associated with and following initial European contact in the Caribbean.
 PhD position 2
Conduct multi-disciplinary research, including isotope geochemistry to map out changing human and animal migration over the same period.
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For additional information over specific positions please contact :
Prof. Dr. G.R. Davies
Phone number +31 (0)20 5987329
E-mail :

For further details of the full NEXUS1492 grant proposal, please contact :
H.L. Mickleburgh (Project Manager)
Universiteit Leiden - Faculty of Archaeology
P.O. Box 9515 - 2300 RA Leiden (The Netherlands)