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Masters in Ostearchaeology for the academic year 2012-13

[Cours, enseignements, formation]


This programme combines the study of human and animal bones from archaeological sites.

Core modules provide you with the key training in and understanding of Osteoarchaeology
- Human Osteology
- Biological Anthropology
- Method and Theory in Archaeozoology
- Economic Archaeology
- Advanced Zooarchaeology
- Biomolecular Archaeology
- Osteoarchaeological Assemblage Analysis

Finally, you complete a 60-credit dissertation on a subject of your choice. You can use this as a platform for the further study of topics/issues in your doctoral research, or simply to advance your knowledge and understanding of a key topic in osteoarchaeology.

En savoir plus

Umberto Albarella
Department of Archaeology - University of Sheffield
Northgate House - West Street
Sheffield S1 4ET (United Kingdom)