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The Lower Danube Survey for Paleolithic Sites : Fieldwork at Dealul Guran 2012


du 13 août 2012 au 14 septembre 2012
Medgidia (Constanza - Roumanie)

"We invite applications for excavations at the newly discovered Lower and Upper Paleolithic site of Dealul Guran, Romania (near Medgidia, 40 km inland from the Black Sea coast). Besides learning about the scientific background of the project and the regional Paleolithic you will gain experience in modern excavation techniques as well as an introduction to the local and regional geomorphology and stratigraphy. Working in the laboratory will train you in find management tasks, including cleaning, sorting, and labeling, as well as the computerized cataloguing of finds."

 Participants must fund their own journey to Bucharest (flight) and then to Medgidia (train or bus, 2-3 hrs.)
 Please send applications including basic information regarding your anthropological, geological, and/or archaeological education to

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